Power Jimping File Holder (COMING SOON)
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Power Jimping File Holder (COMING SOON)

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The Power Jimping File Holder allows you to quickly and consistently add that fine, high end jimping to your knife blades using the checkering file of your choice. This tool mounts to a work bench, accepts 1 inch wide checkering files, and uses a variable speed jigsaw as the motor (checkering file and jigsaw sold separately). It uses a removable "pallet" that allows you to customize in order to mount your blade in whatever orientation is needed, these pallets have locating pins and are held to the tool with a quick release clamp. This allows you to have repeatable blade mounting positions and you can have different pallets for different blades (2 pallets are included, additional pallets can be purchased separately). There is also an adjustable stop that allows you to get a consistent depth of your jimping, and the mounting table tilts so you can do jimping on an angle to really offer something different! The Power Jimping File Holder can decrease time immensely as opposed to the tedious, back and forth filing by hand, it gives great results and can help you get more knives to your customers!