How I Make Your Knife

It begins with design. I use 3d CAD software to design all of my knives, it allows me to work out all of the mechanical assembly needs while being able to visualize the look of the knife as a 3 dimensional model.

Watch this quick video showing some of the design process!

Once I am happy with what the knife looks like on the screen, it is time to make a prototype. I strive to do everything myself so I built my own CNC machine to cut out the blanks from raw stock. To do this I have to use CAM software to help me tell the CNC machine how to cut out the parts. This special code goes on a thumb drive and I bring it out to the CNC machine in the shop.

See how I tell the machine how to cut the parts:

I take the material I want to use for the part (blade, frame, clip, etc.) and I cut it on a band saw to the proper size for machining. I than clamp it into the CNC machine and run the program.

video coming soon

After many hours of machining (yes, hours, due to the slow spindle speed of my homemade CNC machine), I have all of the blank parts ready for all of the hand work.

The hand work begins...

video coming soon

More to come...

Here's a tour of my shop, May of 2016, I apologize for the audio and the shakiness: