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Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest Plans (Digital Download)

Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest Plans (Digital Download)

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Digital Download .zip File (.pdf and .iges)

*pictures may show different grinder mounting (plans show mounting for the TW90 grinder, other grinder mounting will have to be determined.)

Warning: Most of these parts will have to be made by a CNC machine. If you do not have your own CNC machine you can have a local machine shop make them or use an online option such as Xometry or Protolabs (a 3D model assembly file is included in the download). Or you can use the design concepts shown in order to inspire your own design.

Hollow grind your blades faster, easier, more accurate, and with perfect centering with this tool! 

The Micro-adjustable Tool Rest attaches to your belt grinder and allows you to hollow grind your knife blade with ease and precision helping to keep the blade edge perfectly centered. When using the correct size wheel, it is virtually impossible to blow out the grind or make the edge off center. You don't even have to scribe a center line! Just bring the tool rest to touch the belt and zero the indicator than adjust the table to half the blade thickness plus half the desired edge thickness. Grinding this way also allows you to adjust your plunge line very easily because you can visually see where you are grinding, as you are grinding. This grinding method is easier than free hand grinding especially to new makers and faster than setting up and using jigs. You can even grind with one hand! Even if you are great at free hand grinding this tool rest can help you grind your blades faster and easier with less pucker factor!😝

Note: You must run your belt grinder in "reverse" to use this grinding method.

This digital download is a .zip file containing the following files:

  • Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest  - This is a .pdf file that contains 17 pages containing CAD images and detailed engineering drawings with all of the part dimensions and vendor part numbers needed to build the Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest (these plans show mounting for the TW90 belt grinder, other belt grinder mounting will have to be determined.)
  • Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest Assembly - This is a .pdf file that contains instructions on how to assemble the Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest and adjust it for alignment to your belt grinder.
  • Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest Instructions - This is a .pdf file that contains Instructions on how to use your Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest for hollow grinding knife blades.
  • Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest 3D Model - This is a .iges file that contains a 3D model of the Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest assembly that can be opened in a CAD program such as Autodesk Fusion 360 or SolidWorks and can be used to create the CAM code required to CNC machine the parts. This should be given along with the drawing to the machine shop that will build the parts.

Purchase of these plans is intended for building the Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest for use by the purchaser and not to be used to produce the Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest for sale. The purchase receipt serves as written consent by Mind-Aker Knives given to the purchaser to disclose the proprietary information contained in the drawings to machine shops in order to build the Micro-Adjustable Tool Rest solely for the purchaser's use. 

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